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Our Physiotherapy practice is well established in Sydney for the past 10 years.

The principal Physio has 20 years of experience and a number of post graduate qualifications. Has represented the Australian Physiotherapy Association at the 2000 Olympic Games and has worked with a number of professional sports teams over the years including soccer, basketball, cricket at a state level and at an international level he was Physiotherapist for the Springbok Men's Hockey Team.

All patients are evaluated by the principal.

The practice statement is  "The provision of Physiotherapy excellence through personalised care based on a professional thorough approach". The approach is hands on using joint mobilisation, manipulation, massage techniques such as remedial massage and  myofascial release,  a number of other modalities such as ultrasound, interferential current and acupuncture are available to treat pain, inflammation and other conditions.

The practice treats a wide variety of joint and muscle injuries. Special interests include low back pain, neck pain, front knee pain, shoulder rehabilitation.

The practices preference is to use research evidence based techniques. Emphasis is on appropriate therapeutic exercise to improve strength and flexibility so that a long term solution is provided. Hence recurrence is less likely. Pre-pilates evaluation of the core muscles is offered.

We provide effective treatment of sports injuries, work injuries, arthritis and back pain. A Doctors referral is not required to see us.

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The practices are conveniently located in medical centres so quick access to medical intervention or consultation can be arranged if so required. This saves unnecessary travel time.

Bondi Junction

231 Oxford St
Bondi Junction

Old Mountain Design site.

Tel: 02 9389 6441


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